Record weekly Conference call using Skype & WireTap Studio

I have a weekly conference call that I record using Skype and WireTap Studio. I would like to automate this process using Applescript so I do not need to babysit the recording process.

  1. Launch Skype
  2. Launch WireTap Studio
  3. Make Call
  4. Record Call (Audio Input Source = Skype)
  5. Call Length is 30 minutes
  6. Hang Up Call
  7. End Recording
  8. Save Recording to iTunes/Playlist “Conference Calls”
  9. Quit Skype
  10. Quit WireTap Studio

Any Ideas?

Model: MacBook Pro
AppleScript: 2.3
Browser: Firefox 3.5.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Seems fairly easy. I can’t do it all for you, you’ll have to look up the commands for doing each of the functions and their options, but it’s like this:

tell app "skype" to launch
tell app "wiretap studio" to launch
delay 5
tell app "skype"
   --have to look up the commands for this part
  make call with number "1-888-555-1212" with options someoptions
end tell
tell app "wts"
  record using input source application "skype"
delay 1800
end recording 1
set myCallName to "titleofcall"
save document 1 as "macintosh" & myCallName & ".aiff" as aiff format
end tell
tell app "skype"
stop call 1
end tell
--then some stuff to import the file into iTunes