I have never needed this feature before but never got it working either, I hit record, cmd tab, do actions, cmd tab to AS Editor, and click stop, no script appears, how does this work?

The application in which you do the actions has to be “recordable”, AppleScriptwise. But I think recordability’s even less widely implemented now than it was years ago.

The most popular recordable application used to be the Finder. The problem with it was that it recorded the actions carried out in the GUI rather than the most direct way of scripting the end the actions were meant to achieve. So the newbies it was supposed to help were often led astray and burdened all their scripts with unnecessary activates, selects, opens, closes, etc.

I’ve just tried recording a simple sequence with Snow Leopard’s Finder on my new MacBook Pro (:)): open a folder on the desktop, drag a file from the desktop to the resulting window, close the window. All that was recorded was the activation of the Finder and the closing of the window. It’s even more duff than it used to be! :confused: