recording to?


is there a solution to record voice via applescript?
while i know it’s possible to record text to an audio file via the speech command is there a way in osX to record my voice via applescript??

if there is no direct way…is there an audio application scriptable via applescript that will fit my needs???



Freeware, easily scriptable.


As an example:

tell application "Audio Recorder"
	set the output format to MP3
	set the quality to custom
	set the MP3 bit rate to 32
	set the MP3 mode to mono
	set theName to text returned of (display dialog "Enter name:" buttons {"Cancel", "OK"} default answer "Audio " & (((day of the (current date)) & "-" & ((month of the (current date)) as number) & "-" & year of the (current date) & " " & time string of (the current date)) as string) as string default button "OK")
	set the next file name to theName
	start recording
end tell