refer to folder of document 1 Try again

How the heck do you use Scripting Additions.

I have copied the file that I download from a website and copied it to

But yet Script editor still sees “Choose Printer” as a variable and would generate an error on check syntax…

Can any body tell me what I am doing wrong, or if I’m even on the right track (or wrong side of the track).

You may not “hack” your System folder.
Just place your osaxen into:
(create the folder if it doesn’t exist)

However, your problem is not related to the location of the scripting additions in your system. Most probably you are trying to use “XCMD OSAX”, which is not a OSX-compatible scripting addition. This is a very “old” osax, and most of its command won’t also work under a classic environment.

You can find osaxen for OS X here:

For this specific task, we have a little entry at the FAQ:
(it doesn’t require osaxen, as there is not still available osaxen for such task)

The Print Center or Printer Setup Utility (Panther) is scriptable, so you may not need an osax. Drop the app’s icon onto the Script Editor icon to open it.

I fot it working, found the info on another Thread:

tell application “Print Center”
set current printer to printer (“PrinterName” as string)
end tell

This little script did exactly what I wanted…Thanks to all who helped me with this situation. 8)

don’t know what happened their my post had 12 replies and 3 views straight after I posted it none relating to what I ask at all think something went wrong.

If I have a graphics document open and I want to copy text to clipboard from a text file in the folder of the document I have open. I can set a quick key and script this to happen
But am stuck on how or if I can refer to that folder without knowing its name instead of having to direct it there in finder.

The text file is in the same folder as the document and its name end in “0.HED” each document is in a new folder and has a different text file that ends “0.HED”

Can anyone tell me how to refer to the folder of Document 1