Reference XPress Text Box by Name

In QuarkXpress 6.1, can you get the contents of a text box directly? In other words, I can loop through every text box on a page and test to see if the box’s name is the one I want. If it is, then get the contents.

But I haven’t found a way to go directly to the box. With the text box named “box_name,” I’ve tried things like:

tell document 1 of application “QuarkXpress 6.1”
get contents of text box whose name is “box_name”
end tell

Can this be done, or do I have to loop through the boxes till I find the one I want? Thanks…

Off top of my head, and no time to test it, I thought you had to do ‘get story 1 of text box whose…’

  • rather than ‘contents’ (although what ‘story 2’ would be I can’t imagine!)