Refreshing the Address Book card list?

I’ve got a weird behavior with Address Book, and am wondering if you’ve encountered it. When I run the following script…

tell application "Address Book"
	make new person with properties {first name:"Alan", middle name:"A", last name:"Aarmstrong", suffix:"Jr"}
end tell

…the “Alan A Aarmstrong Jr” card doesn’t show up in the list. The strange thing is, if I do a “find” for it, it shows up, and after that, is displayed just fine. Am I missing some sort of "refresh list’ command, or is this just inherent in Address Book?

After adding a contact, you have to tell the Address Book to save the changes. It will do it itself in a few seconds but to see your changes immediately, issue the “save addressbook” command. Also, I had problems setting the selection property so I used the URL method to immediately select the newly created contact:


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Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you!