Regarding Shortcuts

When I started working on the Mac in 1990, it wasn’t long before I wanted some scripting/automation tool to do the routine tasks that I was doing. Apple had a ‘record your actions’ app in OS 6? that I started to use but it was abandoned and I think they created Applescript in 92.

Since I always was looking for tools to automate my workflow as much as possible at work, and now having an iPad and iPhone, I eventually heard there was a new tool (for mobile initially and now for Mac) called Shortcuts. So I looked at it and in thinking about my previous work environment where I used Applescript and Automator, Shortcuts seems lame by comparison. It doesn’t seem to have the sophistication of the other two above-mentioned apps. I could be wrong. My 2 cents

You should look at Keyboard Maestro 10.2: Work Faster with Macros for macOS

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I probably would have taken a look at Keyboard Maestro if I couldn’t build something w my current script tool set. Just looked at it and it looks very comprehensive so far.

Re the GUI interface: one should be able to automate basically all of the options in a window or dialog box for instance and combine them, and be able to call them up in Applescript, or initiate Applescripts. I think it has these capabilities.

Another thing Maestro should have is not be ‘brittle,’ meaning during a script execution, it shouldn’t quit or freeze when I accidentally touch the mouse or hit a key. When I was trying out Quikeys, it did this so I didn’t end up using it. Plus it didn’t have the ability to automate a lot of the GUI interface.

The best tool that I settled on was OneClick. It translated your various actions into a script line where you could fine tune it. It was easy to work with and was Applescript friendly. Unfortunately, it was designed for OS9 and they couldn’t really port it to OSX, so I was told. :cry::cry: