Registration Frameworks? AquaticPrime?

Did anyone ever use any kind of registration framework for their app? I, until now, have done it that they download a demo version and buy the full version. There is no shareware type upgrade.

I have looked AquaticPrime which seems fine. I do not like the idea of using files (but okay). I implemented it using a excellent Cocoacast tutorial but I am still not happy with having both cocoa and applescript work together.

So did anyone ever integrate AquaticPrime? Or any other Registration Framework?


it would be hard to bridge them and you would need to know some Coco/Carbon/Wateva.
Why don’t you make your own serial thing? I made one the is almost un crackable, just have some crazy:

set theKey to contents of text field "serial" of window "main"
set theFirstKey to the first number of theKey
set finalKey to theFirstKey + myAppVersion * theFirstKey
if finalKey * 2 is theKey then
display alert "Correct Key!" message "done!"
display alert "Don't Pirate Software" message "i will get u!!!"

(just made that up)
Hope that helps!
(PS: there is a roomer fact that there is a backdoor app that will decode any AP serial for ANY AP app)

There’s no good answer to the registration issue. There aren’t many registration “frameworks” out there because the concept doesn’t lend itself well to being generalized. Once you publish your registration method’s details, you open it to vulnerabilities… which EVERY registration scheme has. People who’ve developed strong approaches aren’t going to give them away to anyone who wants them. Big development powerhouses certainly have some sophisticated registration schemes, but companies like adobe or microsoft have real assets to protect. If you are creating software that is of such relevance and inherent value that people MUST have it, then you certainly would have the skills or resources at hand to implement a relatively comprehensive registration scheme.

As you’ll find in most threads found round the internet related to registration schemes, the best approach is to roll your own. You have complete control over the creation of the serial, the validation, and the integration of the scheme into your existing code. But, you need to start by getting a realistic view of two things. First, you need to understand the reality that there is virtually NO completely secure registration scheme. Someone can always get around it, and often the most comprehensive schemes are defeated by the most simple of methods (i.e. pirated registration codes). I’m not personally aware of a “backdoor app” that ‘defeats any serial anytime, no matter what’. That, at best, is a generalization. In actuality, the real threat to an app’s security is human ingenuity. There are many methods of defeating registration schemes and tools that can be used. Since levels and methods of security vary dramatically, it takes an understanding of many of them to break a good scheme. This fact is the only reason you should care about making people register your software. If you think you’re going to stop everyone from pirating your software… you’re mistaken… but most average, honest people will pay and move on.

The second thing to understand is what exactly the real value of your software is. Not to belittle your work, but if you have unrealistic view of how “important” your software is, you’ll end up going to unnecessary lengths to protect something that isn’t worth the effort. Since people will get around anything you develop if they want to, having a really complex registration scheme for some second-rate software ends up being a burden on honest registrants and hasn’t been shown to stop pirating or misuse in a measurable way. Someone at a thread I read once pointed out that people are either going to pay for your software or they’re not, and your registration scheme is not going to be the factor that determines it. If they don’t want to pay, they’ll find a way to use it without paying or they’ll throw it away. Your registration scheme should be a realistic method of easily capturing revenue from those who intend to pay and accepting that the rest are going to do what they want.

I’d recommend coming up with a simple registration scheme that doesn’t have too high of expectations on your users. If you’re developing something so groundbreaking that it truly needs a significant level of security, you probably shouldn’t be developing it in ASStudio. But if this were the case, you’d already know that and I wouldn’t be writing this. There are many sites on the internet that discuss registration schemes, shareware and demo approaches, and other relevant topics. I suggest you spend some time reading and getting a better understanding of what’s involved in providing a basic level of protection before doing anything. Then, determine what you need to do AT MINIMUM and then do only that. You should be quietly encouraging honest people, not trying to make saints out of the sinners.


Thanks for all your info. Thanks Captain as well!

I kind of went with your recommendation of not doing any registration because it is hackable in any case! My app is not that famous yet that it is found on all sorts of torrent and serial sites. So, totally fine not to have one.

What I have now done is simply create a pop-up which asks for the Transaction ID. They paste it in and get’s checked if the ID is found in a online list. If it is, app can be used. If not, no chance. If the Transaction ID is blacklisted, then the app deletes itself! LOL