relative path to:

the Scripts folder in the home folder:

I need the syntactically-correct code to put in any HFS paths that I’ll have my scripts reference.

for this–
[relative Mac name]:
Current User:

Is there a constant (like path to home folder) for path to user/library? Or (getting greedy) the User/Library/Scripts folder?

Better yet, does anyone have a webpage with a list of commonly used path constants?

path to scripts folder

see path to in Scripting Addition dictionary

[Sorry if this is obvious]

Why can’t I find “Scripting Addition” or “Scripting Additions” in my list of dictionaries?

Are they an optional install?

[Again, sorry for the potentially obvious question]

“StandardAdditions” not “Scripting Additions”.


Sorry, in Script Debugger it’s called Scripting Additions in AppleScript Editor look for StandardAdditions.osax

Hey Stefan,

Actually Script Debugger opens all scripting additions at once in one dictionary viewer. You can then navigate to the ‘Standard Additions’ osax to find ‘path to’, or you can find it in the sub-categories Script Debugger creates.

For the original poster: take a look in the Applescript Language Guide under ‘path to’:

In Script Debugger I type ‘path to’ into the Look Up Definition Inspector :wink: