Relative paths ... ????????

Just started on this - if someone could help me with a simple question…

I want all my paths to be relative… is this possible… eg; move finder items … I want something like /images in the current folder rather than a specific path. Is this possible?



there is no “current folder” property in Finder’s dictionary. You can specify a folder by selection or as the target folder of a Finder window.

Is there around this? I need to use this as a work flow within a folder for a hundred clients and don’t want to manually go through and change the paths for each client. It’s simple actions… move this here - delete this or that … and all happens under the same folder.

as a work around is not possible to create the required folders in the same location on each machine i.e.

set source_folder to (path to documents folder)
tell application "Finder"
	if not (exists folder ((source_folder as string) & "Images")) then make new folder at source_folder with properties {name:"Images"}
	set images_folder to (source_folder as string) & "Images" as alias
end tell

This would allow you to put this on all your client machines without having to create custom paths.

thanks for the reply - but I am a little lost.

Do I copy and paste that into automator via a Applescript action in my workflow? Because if I have my workflow - “move finder items” or something similar, all I have is the drop down asking for a folder etc… Do I make sense?

I was thinking I may need to create a variable or something but I don’t really understand how it all fits together. Anyone?

Hi there…

yeah I am using automator to do a few things. here is the run down…

I export a PDF into a client folder from InDesign >
Automator is saved as a plug-in and attached as a ‘folder action’ for that specific client folder. It launches Automator when the PDF is placed into it.

Automator begins by ripping apart the PDF and converted to images

(The images are then used for a flashbook. (page turning in FLASH) and requires a zoomed out and zoomed in JPG.) So for a 4 page PDF I require 8 JPGs with the large JPGs in a ‘large’ folder.

I then use transmit to sync to the client folder on the FTP and upload the flash folder.

That’s it!

Main problem being that we have a whole bunch of clients who use the same folder but all the clients need to be separated so that the FTP path remains true to each specific client. So if I can find a way to keep all the paths relative in the folder, I can just duplicate it for each client and only need to change just the FTP path.

What do you

A bit more information on what you are trying to do would help. It sounds like you have a series of client folders on a server that you want to “do stuff” to like move or delete a file. How are you determining the root folder for the relative path when you do the action? Do you have a duplicate folder structure on your HD that you are working on and want to move files from there to the server?

I think we posted at the same time. Did that help to clarify?

And yes - it’s all done locally and mirrored onto the ftp.