Remap key combination to Mouse Wheel (appleScript)

i am not using appleScript (i am using AutoHotKey) but… it is possible via appleScript remap keys as CMD + ALT + . to CMD + Mouse Wheel UP in specific Application?
So when i press CMD + mouse Wheel UP it will press (send or executed) CMD+ALT+. in this application.

Thanks Gurus!

I know where i am, I don’t need a lecture on how perfect the mac os is.
All i want to know is…it is posible what i ask? :slight_smile:
I buried a war ax a long time ago :wink:

No, it’s not. You have to use a tool like Keyboard Maestro

Thank you StefanK!

I dont want create script for Windows :slight_smile:
it works on Windows. I asked if it can be done on macOS as well.

Boooooys! :slight_smile:
Am I really writing it so bad?
I’m just asking, is it possible to write code in appleScript.
when I hold CTRL + wheel up, the script executes CTRL + ALT +. in photoshop. that’s all! :slight_smile:
ALL IN APPLE SCRIPT ON iMAC in macOS environment, no windows at all!