Remote Access Activity

I have a script that connects via remote access every 30 minutes, runs a mail server (macjordomo) and then backs up a few files, then logs off (modem connection).

I need to have the script determine if a connection is active before it attempts to log on, that way if a user is online, the script can run without disconnecting the user when it’s done.

i was thinking of checking the conenction activity then setting a variable as 'connected" or “unconnected” then skipping the disconnect portion of the script if the variable equals 'connected" with a return 1800 line. (script cycles with an idle command)

Any advice would be appreciated. I’m obviously VERY new at this applescript stuff.

I’m not too sure that this will give you what you want, but you could look at the info supplied by RA status from the ‘Remote Access Commands’ osax. If it includes what you need then you could extract it simply by e.g.

(RA status)'s state