Remote dialog problem!

Please can anyone suggest a way of doing the following.

I need to write a script which will look at a folder and when a new item is added to that folder flash up a dialog on screen alerting the user of the added item.

Simple eh?!

Trouble is I need the dialog to flash up not on the computer containing the folder but on 3 or 4 remote computers instead.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Tim,

Apple doesn’t allow dialogs evoked from Apple Remote Events in Tiger.
But you can work around with:

¢ launch a script on the remote machine(s), which displays the dialog
¢ send an emali oder a message with iChat via Bonjour
¢ copy a zerobyte file to a folder on the remote machine(s) with a folder action attached
there are certainly a few options more

Alternatively install Network Growl on those machines and use it for your remote messages.


Thanks for your help.

I’ll certainly try out your ideas.

Tim Baldwin