Remote sources broken in iTunes 10.6.3?

So I have some Objective-C code talking to iTunes on a remote machine, but ever since the upgrade to 10.6.3, this no longer works:

[iTunes sources];

It’s pretty crucial, since I use the sources to get the libraries and then the actual tracks. Has anyone else seen this or figured out a solution?

Locally, I’m just parsing the iTunes media library XML, so if anyone knows how I could grab that file remotely, that would work as well.

OK, so it’s definitely not just this function. I can’t even get the scripting definition via Objective-C anymore. I’m submitting a support request to Apple. I’m getting the feeling I might be “up the creek” on this one.


I’d recommend an AppleScriptObjC solution rather than ScriptingBridge.framework

Sadly, we’re way too far along to switch away from the ScriptingBridge framework. And it’s worked fine up until this point. Anyone have any other ideas?

It seems to me that it’s never too late to abandon something that’s broken…