Remote Wake & Access with Cable/DSL


I’m using a G4 with Jaguar 10.2.4 on Charter Broadband 24/7 service. I have “Wake for Administrator Access” turned on in the Energy Saver Options. How do I initiate a wake-up from the WAN? My initial tests with a FTP connect have failed. Is there another port I need initiate a session on in order to “wake” as “administrator” and stay awake until my preset “idle time” causes sleep again?

What is the process here?


There are a couple of threads at mac OSX Hints that might help

…the long and the short of which is you can’t do it.

The Wake on LAN feature requires specially-crafted broadcast packets that include the MAC address of the Mac to wake up.

Since they use broadcast packets, they will not traverse a LAN, and you can not send broadcast packets across the internet.

You can wake a machine from any other machine on your LOCAL network, but you cannot do it remotely.

There is a small applicaion named Wake550 that will allow you to wake a sleeping machine over a LAN. I use it and it works quite well. You’ll need to determine the MAC address of the machines you want to wake from sleep. This AppleScript will return the MAC address for you…

do shell script "ifconfig en0 | grep ether | awk '{print $2}'"
display dialog result

I have tried this and it works

But the way if you have a router after your cable modem like I do you have have to do something special. I made the default route for all ports etc. come to my IP on the internal network. But when you wake your PC you will need the IP of your routers WAN port and the MAC address of your specific computer.

That is the setup I have, and it works great.