Removal of shortest Ai segments in a selected path

This may be hard to explain:
This is somewhat in relation to a previous post of mine. “Hollow Road Script”.
I am looking for a way to remove only the shortest path segments in a selected area using Illustrator CS.
The purpose is related to creating maps.
I have a script that calls an action that will take a line segment (or multiple lines), increase its weight to 10 points, outline the stroke, apply a fill of none and stroke of one pt., and then it unites the path using the pathfinder with expand.
So for example: if I took two intersection lines and ran my script/action, the result would look like a hollow outlined cross.
The part that I would like to automate now is the removal of the small segments on the edges of the cross?
Could this be done?


Let me clarify what I am after:
In a selected area, remove all line segments whose Height and Width are equal or less than 10 points.
Any ideas?