Remove picture thumbnail

Does anyone know how to remove the thumbnail picture of an image file so that the file uses the default icon? When I am transferring pictures to a different system it seems to be finding both the thumbnail and the regular file. If I have to I can use Photoshop, but would prefer to use just applescript or iView Media pro.


This will remove the entire resource fork of the related file(s) --where icons of PS files are stored. Use it carefully!

set i to alias "path:to:file.jpg"
do shell script "cp /dev/null " & quoted form of ((POSIX path of i) & "/..namedfork/rsrc")

Thank you for the script. It does make the image file smaller, but it does not remove the thumbnail icon from the file in the Finder. I’m surprised it is still there. Or is it? I’m noticing some strange behavior. After I run this it will reduce the size of the file, but the thumbnail icon is still there. Get info of the file shows the thumbnail. If I select the thumbnail and press delete it reverts to the generic icon. NOW when I undo (Command-z) the file size increases and the thumbnail re-appears. Anyone know what is going on?


Technically, the icon has gone, but Finder doesn’t know. You can force the update:

set i to...
do shell script...
tell app "Finder" to update i

HOWEVER, some times this doesn’t work. But the icon is not really there, believe it. Run the script, then open the file using ResEdit or similar and you will see only data fork in the file :wink: