Remove the Menu bar completely?

How can you have an app with no menu bar? I am setting up a kiosk and don’t want any menu bars for users to click.

Go to your IB nib, select the menu bar and delete it!

If I do this, a menu bar is created somewhere that has just the application menu part of the menu.

I want the menu gone altogether. Nothing left. No striped bar. No AppleMenu. No system clock. No menus.

That’s what I’m after.

You might be able to accomplish it by adding code to quit the Finder.

tell application "Finder" to quit

But I know that real basic does it and it doesn’t have to quit the finder. I mean, ultimately, I could quit the finder anyway…but I’m looking for the way, via cocoa or whatever, that would do it. Photoshop, as an example, toggles the menu bar on and off as one of it’s views. I KNOW they’re not quiting the Finder.

But thanks for the thoughts. I’ll keep scratching my head.

I’ll post the answer if I find it before someone else posts it.

A quick hack would be turning your app into “faceless” by adding these lines to your main plist file:

<key>LSUIElement</key> <string>1</string>
You’ll lost your menu bar, plus your icon on the dock, plus your existence at system’s force-quit window.

Only a idea! :idea:

When I do that, I do lose all the things you mentioned…but I also lose my interface.

Double clicking the app just seems to do nothing…


Who would have thought this would be so tough? There seems to be a way to hide the menu bar:

Cocoa Dev Central has an article about creating cocoa apps which “take over the screen,” including the menu bar.

If anyone gets more out of these to links then me, do feel free to post a common-folks-translation here. :wink: