Remove xCode from Mac & block every notification about its updates...

Hello, everyone.

My question will seem strange to some, but I hope you will understand me. The fact is that I do not like xCode, and I do not want to have it on my computer. And I generally hate phones. Together with their xCode simulators.

Each xCode update significantly slows down my computer, each time I want my Mac’s resources for other tasks I need. And the AppStore forces me to install it when I uninstall it.

I know a way how to block all update reminders together.

So, the question is: how to get the AppStore to never remind about xCode? If there is a way to do this without affecting other updates, then please share.

Looks like I found a solution.

I used “Delete app” for the xCode in the Purchased list of Account view of AppStore. This step moves the xCode to iCloud.
Then, I used “Hide purchase” for the xCode in the Purchased list of the same Account view. Finally, the AppStore removed the reminder that there is an xCode update. Well, thank God…