Removing choppiness from about window scrolling

Hello all,

I have an app whose help file resides in a scroll view in the about window. I just have a Credits.rtf file and thanks to the magic of Xcode it appears in my about window. I have my about window automatically open (call method “orderFrontStandardAboutPanel:”) if the user is opening the program without it having been set up properly, and reading the guide works fine at this stage because the program is sitting doing nothing because it hasn’t been set up.

My problem comes when they have got the program set up, and it’s doing it’s thing, doing a few shell scripts every second, they are scrolling through the about window at the same time. My program uses very little CPU (on my machine 0.9% max) but the scrolling in the about box becomes very choppy once I have my ‘on idle’ activities going.

Anyone got any ideas how I can take this choppiness away, it gives the horrible impression that my program is slowing the computer right down, when actually it’s using less than 1% of CPU!

Thanks for any suggestions you have,



the problem is, AppleScript is single threaded.
If the result of the shell scripts doesn’t matter, redirect the output to /dev/null.
Then the script won’t wait for the shell script.

Otherwise do one of the parts in ObjC or create helper applications, which run in extra threads.
The information exchange could be realized with script objects or user defaults