Removing files form windows server

I’m having file issues with Macs and PCs mapped to individual folders for each user. Using Active Directory, the users can use either Mac or Pc and have their “documents” or “my documents” folders redirected from a Windows 2000 server. it works well until I go to remove the data from last year to make room for a new year. i get constant errors on trying to copy, remove, or take ownership of the files due to .* files. I found a script that is supposed to remove these files however I can’t get it to work on OS X. I really just want to remove all the folders from within a main folder but their are ownership issues and the . files which the Windows server can’t handle. Any one have any idea how to deal with this?
The script I was tying to use is below, I assume if the files were removed I could do the rest from the Server console but I’ll gladly take any working solution to this issue, I’m running out of space fast.

on run
display dialog “Drag a removable disk icon here to have it cleaned and ejected”
end run

on open selectedItem
– get a text version of the volume name and remove the trailing colon :
set volumeName to selectedItem as string
set volumeName to characters 1 thru (the (length of volumeName) - 1) of volumeName as string
if (list disks) contains volumeName then
do shell script “find '/Volumes/” & volumeName & “’ -name ‘.DS_Store’ -exec rm ‘{}’ \;”
do shell script “find '/Volumes/” & volumeName & “’ -name ‘._*’ -exec rm ‘{}’ \;”
do shell script “rm -rd '/Volumes/” & volumeName & “/.Trashes’”
do shell script “rm -rd '/Volumes/” & volumeName & “/.TemporaryItems’”
end try
tell application “Finder” to eject disk volumeName
end try
end if
end open

Model: Macbook Pro or G5 iMac
Browser: Safari 522.12.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Would just trashing the folder (deleting it) and creating a new one be an easier solution?