Removing files with certain begining name

This is my final request on this backup script. I need to remove files from the backup drive that begin with a date earlier than 2 days ago.
So basically what happens when my script runs is it makes folders with the date and time. I include the time so that people can make multiple backups in one day with out error. Anyway here is the folder name:
This date is created by the backup script, but what I want is for the script to check the date with the current date and the begining part (02_15_2002) is two days old or older then I want that folder deleted. I would assume the best way to do this would be to check the 4 numbers after the “.” then if that was current check the two numbers at the begining, if they were current, then check the two numbers in the middle. If would help I can change the date format to read 15_02_2002 or 2002_02_15 or even 02152002. Thanks for the help!

Just a suggestion… wouldn’t it be easier to simply test the opposite, if the folder has todays date, yesterdays date or the date from 2 days ago then keep it otherwise delete it.