Removing Spotlight icon in Yosemite

In Mavericks and prior, running the following script at startup would immediately remove the Spotlight icon from the menubar.

-- remove Spotlight icon (repairing disk permissions resets it to default)
if (do shell script "stat -f %Lp /System/Library/CoreServices/Search.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Search") ≠ "600" then
	do shell script "chmod 600 /System/Library/CoreServices/Search.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Search" password "mypassword" with administrator privileges
	do shell script "killall SystemUIServer"
end if

In Yosemite, a reboot or logout/login is also required to remove the icon. It seems the do shell script “killall SystemUIServer” line is not having the desired effect. Any solution for this? Thanks.