removing the 'press run to run this script' prompt?

hi, i know im a n00b (so to speak) but ive FINALLY got my mac sorted now (i hope!) however i have a VERY basic :rolleyes: script that maps my windows domain drives and adds them to the directory listing on the mac. Allowing an almost automated start up, now the next stage! is there anyway i can configure the os into running the script on auto? so that it requires no prompts? as im not the only user i need something a bit more slick to be honest, so im almost there i believe! just need phase 2 which is to get rid of the prompt!

any suggestions?:confused:

oooo i can feel this thread falling on death ears :o

Uncheck ‘Startup Screen’ on the Save As… sheet.

many thanks! (yes im a windows programmer!!!) which is probably why i couldnt work this one out… ta muchly dude :slight_smile: