Rename alredy existing files?

i have a proplem with my folderaction, when a filename already exists in the “DoneFolder” - i would like to rename the new pdf in “test.pdf1” , “test.pdf2” , “test.pdf3” …

How can i do that?

Many thanks for your help!

property done_foldername : "Printed"

on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
	tell application "Finder"
		if not (exists folder done_foldername of this_folder) then
			make new folder at this_folder with properties {name:done_foldername}
		end if
		set the target_folder to folder done_foldername of this_folder
	end tell
	repeat with thisFile in added_items
		tell application "Finder"
			set fileName to name of thisFile
			if fileName ends with ".pdf" then
				set the target_file to (move thisFile to the target_folder) as alias
				tell application "Acrobat 5.0"
					open thisFile
					print pages front document with shrink to fit
					close front document
				end tell
			end if
		end tell
	end repeat
end adding folder items to

Try inserting this between your ‘if fileName ends with…’ and ‘set the target_file to…’ lines:

    set suffix to (count (files of target_folder whose name begins with fileName))
    if (suffix > 0) then
      -- If there are any files in the target folder whose names begin with the
      -- current file name, make a new name from the file name and their number.
      set newName to fileName & suffix
      -- That should be good enough, but check the new name's free in case the
      -- count was reduced by the removal of files from the target folder.
      set matchingNames to (name of files of target_folder whose name begins with fileName)
      repeat while (newName is in matchingNames)
        set suffix to suffix + 1
        set newName to fileName & suffix
      end repeat
      -- Rename the current file before moving it.
      set name of thisFile to newName
    end if

oops sorry

Maybe this helps

Cheers Roland

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It works !!! :lol:
Many thanks…

How would I get this bit work if the files were being duplicated to a new folder?

Also, while playing with this script I would occasionally get a new folder printed0 appearing in the target folder alongside printed…