Rename Boot Camp Partition on Startup

Hi everyone,

How can I rename my boot camp partition? Short and easy. :cool:




Do you mean from C:\ to D:\ ? ;):wink:

Sorry for being a bit unclear … no. I mean simply from the ugly “WINDOWS” to “Windows HD.” Apparently, if I change the name in Windows, it does not recognize the name change. So, I have to change it on my mac each time. As said, just something to change the normal name. As for the startup, Ill just add the compiled script to the startup items. :cool:


Never mind, I was just kidding.
I have no idea, because I can’t stand windows and windows will never enter any of my machines

LOL … you think I want to rename the hard drive on the windows? No. :slight_smile: Actually on the mac of course. Its a partition :slight_smile: Let me show it in pictures:

This is normal:

This is how I’d like it:

You do know how to do that. :smiley:



I know exactly what you want, it was a JOKE.

But my windows ignorance was np joke, I really don’t know, how to rename the partition.
I guess it’s not possible

Darn :slight_smile: But alright, thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Your Widdy partition is unwritable from OSX but I recall there is some utility out there that can read/write it.
Can’t remembe the name though. Try Google.

yeah … i found one app as well. though since the hard drive doesn’t memorize the change, I’d have to launch the app each startup. the partition I made is FAT formatted, which means that it is writable from mac os x :slight_smile: i guess i need to look into windows and figure it out.