Rename Finder items doesn't change folder names

I have been asked to migrate 200G of files from a Mac station to a Windows Server and fix the file name issues in the process. I have set up an Automator workflow to rename files and folders, but when I run it, the files are changed in all nested folders, but the folders themselves are ignored. Am I doing something wrong? Using an Applescript to do the same process seems to work fine, but I am thinking Automator might process faster than an Applescript, especially since I have the Applescript in five or six copies each of which changes one character while the Automator workflow gets them all in one go. I realize this is probably more easily fixed by making a good Applescript, but I was thinking it was better to spend time learning the correct methodology within Automator rather than making a better Applescript.

Tested in Mac OS X 10.4.1

Please advise and thank you in advance.

Model: Powerbook G4 17
Browser: Firefox 1.0.4
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

I agree with you that a good script will do the job. If you don’t get a response for automator, I can script it. Be very specific about characters, case, and what the filenames/ foldernames should change to if you choose this route.


I’m having the same problem. I too need to transfer a high volume of files form a Mac to a PC formatted drive. I tried to create a workflow with Automator however only the file names are chainging the folder names are not being changed. Was anyone able to create an Automator workflow to rename all nested files and folders?

Thank you.


Has anyone still managed to create an Automator workflow to rename all nested files and folders?