Rename, import to iPhoto, delete source problem

I tried to create, what I thought, was a pretty simple iPhoto workflow and save it as a folder action. The three simple steps ended up acting like a runaway train, looping non-stop.

In a nutshell; I usually start by importing my images directly into iPhoto. When I have time, I export selected images, edit them in Photoshop, reimport them with “-edited” appended to the file name and delete the source. I created a watch folder called “finished” and attached a workflow that I saved as a folder action. The idea was that, as I finished editing my images, I’d drop them into that folder and not have to manually import them. Here are the steps in the workflow:

  1. Get Selected Finder Items
  2. Rename Finder Items
    Add: -edited after name
  3. Import Files into iPhoto
    New Album “Recent edits”
    Delete the Source Images After Importing Them

Seems like a no-brainer, but when I attach it to the folder it doesn’t delete the source images. Instead, it continues to import the same files over and over. What am I missing here?


It is most likely that your first action is Get Selected Finder Items. When you attach it to a folder, that folder essentially becomes a droplet, and the Workflow is looking for a selection, and it somehow probably gums it up.

I created the same action you did, but I started with Get Folder Contents, and it works fabulously, importing each image, changing the name, and deleting the original file, as soon as the files are dropped into the folder.

Thanks for the great idea, I think I will use it myself.

Thanks, that seemed to fix it.