Rename Mounted Volume

Hello every 1:

I’m currently stumpt with regard to this problem. My script works fine, my only concern is the mounted names.

For example, I have a share name “comm”. When mounted the name remains as “comm”, I’m wondering if it’s possible to rename the mounted volume to “Communication”. This will significantly simplify the usage by the user.

Any help is appriciated…

Thank you…

Model: Power MAC G4, 160GBHD, 1GB DDR
Browser: Firefox 1.0.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)

do shell script "mkdir /Volumes/Communication"
do shell script "mount_afp afp://username:password@serveraddress/comm /Volumes/Communication"

Hello matt_premier:

Thank you for the quick response:

Here’s my code so far

set USER to "mac01"
set PASS to USER

mount volume ("cifs://" & USER & ":" & PASS & "@CBQ" & DOMAIN & "NAS/" & USER & ""

My understanding was AFP has a file limitation of 2GB, that is why I’m using cifs. I have been toiling for the past days trying to get

do shell script “mkdir ~/Desktop/Communication”
do shell script “mount -t cifs //mac01:mac01@CBQCBQBTNAS/comm ~/Desktop/Communication”

it would always return:
exec /user/sbin/mount_cifs for /User/mac01/Desktop/Communication: No such file or directory

For some reason I’m not getting the command rite so I have abandoned CLI and stuck with “mount volume”. The share does exist and is accessible via APPLE + K from the finder.

any of this make any sense??


Did some more researching…

Is it possible “mount -t cifs” or “mount_cifs” doesn’t exist in CLI?? Normally it works if you press APPLE+K and enter “cifs://server/share”