Renaming files

I have 500 files that start with three numbers, a space, a dash, and another space. I want to use automator to erase thoes first 6 characters from every file name but I cannot find a way to do it.
Can anyone help me?

Hmm, are the characters in the beginning of the file name all the same for each file? If it is the same then I can help, if not, then I have to point your towards a program that I know of but haven’t used much: Renamer4Mac.

If the names are the same then I would setup an Automator workflow Finder plug-in for file rename.
Finder: Get selected Items
Finder: Rename files (Show as it happens and use replace text from the drop-down).

Then you can type in the text in the beginning of the file names and replace it with nothing. Hope these help.

I’m not knowlegible in Automator, but the AppleScript line that does it is (assuming you have the name as text in a variable called oldName):

set newName to text 7 thru -1 of oldName