Replace Alias with an edited path?

Our network server volumes all were replaced by a Borg-like DFS drive, which means every alias now points to never-never land. Accidentally trying to use such an alias sucks all the life from my computer, as it searches in vain for non-existent servers. It doesn’t even get to the “fix or delete alias” dialog before searching.

Is there a way to get the text that the “original item” points to? I’d like to change the server name and make a whole new alias.

I found this script here but it’s a little different than what I am looking for:

tell application "Finder" 
    set s to (selection) as alias 
        get (original item of s) 
        set is_disconnected to false 
    on error -- disconnected 
        set is_disconnected to true 
    end try 
end tell 
if is_disconnected then 
    set nf to (choose file with prompt "Reconnect alias to what file?") 
    -- add option for user to choose file or folder 
    tell application "Finder" 
        set dn to displayed name of s 
        set c to (container of s) as alias 
        delete s 
        make new alias to nf at c with properties {name:dn} 
    end tell 
end if 
return is_disconnected 

It appears to me that the “get (original item of s)” wouldn’t work because I’m trying to find the target of the alias without searching in vain for it.

Or can I put a maximum time on how long the Finder will try to find the original? That would help too.

Darryl Zurn

Model: G5 dual 1.8 GHz
Browser: Safari 312.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Unfortunately, if you look inside an alias file - see below - all you’ll see is a number.

open for access (choose file)
-- Result: the file number the alias points to in the file system records.

I expect that you’ll have to get at those records deeper in OS X (not something I’d try but then someone probably knows how)