Replace variable

i’ve posted this on fmforums, which everyone there is very nice as are the people here, but i have a problem that might just call for an applescript since i have had no relpy on fmforums for days.

i have a sku number, let’s say 087011469x. there is a corresponding gif to each sku. i usually import data via third party open source perl application to mysql. problem is in a unix environment, and the “x” must match the “x” of the gif file. there is some bad data in that some of the sku’s have a lower case “x”, while the gif has an upper case “X”. or vice versa. i can make all the images upper case via batch in photoshop, but filemaker seems a bit harder.

i tried a replace, but it wants to replace them all w/ the same sku #. i just want to replace the “x” (lower case) w/ upper case “X”.

how would i do this? can i do this w/ applescript?

Joe, Apple may have a script that might work for you…

As always, it’s a good idea to test it on copies of files on the first few runs to make sure everything works properly.

I’ll try it. it looks interesting. thanks. :smiley:

If the filemaker file is not locked (if you can go to the layout mode instead of browse mode (command - L) then you can select the field(s) that contain your sku numbers and then go to the “format” menu and then to “style” and you will see an option for “UPPERCASE” which will force all text within the field(s) selected to become uppercase.

If you cannot do that then go to the file menu and export the database as a tab delineated text file, open that with appleworks and do “find/change” make sure the “whole word” option is not selected and that the “case sensitive” one is then enter “x” for the find and “X” for the replace and tell it to replace all. Then just save the file and go back to filemaker and choose “import” from the file menu and import the file you just changed.

If you have BBEdit then it’s even easier 'cause that has an option to make everything uppercase.

Recase is an applet that lets you change Finder file names to UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Word Case.

I saw this post and thought it would be easy to write a script, but after tinkering I realized I should look in SB.

Recase is a droplet that works the same way. I renamed a batch of files 123412x - 123480x and occasionally inserted a capitol (123465X) for random measure. A drop batch quickly converted to all cap “X”.