Replacement for Apple's Script Menu

Hi everybody - I just wanted to announce a utiility I’ve released which is a replacement for Apple’s Script Menu utility. It’s called FastScripts and is basically everything Apple’s utility does but with some annoying problems addressed. More information below in the Press Release.

SAN FRANCISCO, USA - April 14, 2003 - Red Sweater Software today announced the immediate availability of an elegant new utility for executing scripts on computers running the Mac OS X operating system.

Aiming to improve upon Apple’s own Script Menu utility, FastScripts provides all of Script Menu’s major features, as well as improvements that dramatically improve the usefulness of a menu-based script utility.

FastScripts’ “Smart Switching” feature allows users to conveniently execute AppleScript, Perl, and other shell scripts from any application without interrupting the workflow of that application with annoying context switches. When a script requires user interaction, Smart Switching auatomatically switches to the script’s context to handle the interaction, then switches back to the user’s application. Other improvements include a cleaned up menu appearance, better organization of menu items, and a focus on swift script execution.

FastScripts 1.0 is available immediately from Red Sweater Software. For more information, and to download an full-featured evaluation copy of the program, visit the Fast Scripts home page at the following URL:

For more information, please contact Red Sweater’s press department:

I’ve tried FastScripts and absolutelly immediatelly uninstalled Apple’s Script Menu (command + click-drag-out).
It would be very interesting add two great funcionalities of old Mr. Rosenthol’s OSA Menu: shortcuts and show-only-current-app-related-scripts.

Anyway, I’ll keep trying FastScripts and will sure purchase a license… Great app! :smiley:

Try this:
make a folder in your ~/Library/Scripts folder named “Applications” - inside that a folder for every App you got Scripts for. The Scripts in this folder will show up in that app.

For Example: Scripts in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Finder/ will be found on the end of the ScriptMenu when Finder is the active app!

I don’t know if it works in FastScripts, but I was glad to find this hint somewhere else…


I didn’t know that Apple’s script menu did that! I am certainly planning on adding something like that in the next major revision of FastScripts. I will probably do it in a slightly less clumsy way, though. It seems awkward to have the “Applications” folder still show up in the menu, and then to have the app-specific stuff all the way down at the bottom of the menu.

Thanks for this tip!

I’m looking forward to that revision - your ScriptMenu is tidier than Apple’s and with the App-Scripts feature integrated, I’m willing to purchase.
Thanks for your good job!