Replacing Character Fonts in Quark Exp

I have QXP docs which have text like this in certain paragraphs:

whatsits� andsoforth

with the ‘R in a circle’ Registration Mark.
Has anyone come up with a way of replacing a single character like this (the Mark is too big as the font gives it) with one that is a smaller point size and baseline shifted up?


This one works for Quarks 6 / OS 10.3.3
Give it a try.

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	set tradeMarks to {font:"Helvetica", size:7, base shift:3, style:{on styles:{plain}, off styles:{bold, italic, underline, outline, shadow, superscript, subscript, superior, strikethrough, all caps, small caps, word underline}}}
	tell document 1
			set (properties of every character of every story where ¬
				(it = "®") or ¬
				(it = "©")) to tradeMarks
		end try
		beep 2
	end tell
end tell