Request for advice on scriptable app for simple ads

Hi, we’re trying to find an alternative to Adobe CC and QuarkXpress for creating very simple ads which are to run in printed color magazines.

The requirements are: rectangular frames, several text frames, up to two 300dpi CMYK images, borders on frames, and several 1pt rules. So, very very simple design. The goal is to use Applescript to construct the ads automatically and export to press-quality PDF files of varying dimensions to place in CC or QX for the printer. The major apps seem like overkill for our simple needs.

Does anyone know if such a simple but capable app exists? Maybe some scriptable word processor would work? Thanks!

I worked in an ad agency for a time and we investigated this. Not helpful really, as you’re asking for solutions other than Photoshop, but Photoshop does come with its own method of automating tasks like this already built-in via it’s scripts. We opted for this solution to create our banners and MRECs in the end.

More info on this here, just in case you want to have a look:

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You might find Automators folder actions helpful? Automator is part of the standard install for most Macs, so it’s free. I found this article for you to have a look at:

  • Also -

This is a pretty old article now, but Smashing Magazine did an article on 15 useful batch image processors here:

Hope this is useful!

Thanks, Adam239. We’re pretty set on using Acorn for the images; the quality of the text and the ability to edit it, with tab stops, indents, etc, is also pretty important - don’t know if Photoshop would do this well. I’ll check out your links!