request permission over a network

in my app, i need it to request permission from a computer on my network. What i would want but isnt possible, is to display a dialog on the remote computer and if ok is clicked it sends that it was clicked back to the host computer. How would i do this?

anyone? i looked at network growl, but i dont want to have to have the remote computer install it.



this is not directly possible, because in Tiger it’s not allowed to use user interaction on remote machines like display dialog.
But try this:

¢ Create a script on the remote machine with the display dialog line
¢ Save it as application
¢ Start the script from the host machine and check, until the process of the application script disappears (use the Finder instead of System Events!)

so i would copy the script to the remote vomputer? how would i do this is? i guess i could make it a hidden file on the remote computer’s desktop, but how would i copy the script without mounting the remote hard drive?

The easiest way is to create the script on the remote computer and save it somewhere in the home folder of the current user

you mean create the script dynamicaly on the local computer? how would i do that?

No, not dynamically.

Don’t you have access to the keyboard of the remote computer? :wink:

lol, yeah, but my app is a remote itunes controller, so i dont want to have to have the user go over to the remote computer and make an applescript, and i also dont want the user to just be controlling the remote user’s itunes without permission, it could get annoying.

is it possible to copy files between remote computers without mounting the drive? is there a way to maybe enable FTP on the remote computer than use curl to send it? or would that be unstable?

I would recommend using ‘scp’ for copying files between computers without mounting drives.

is that the only way? and does it have to be enabled or anything on the remote computer?

scp requires remote login to be enabled on the target computer. You could use FTP as well, but personally I wouldn’t recommend it.

and i’m assuming there’s no way to enable it remotley. or am i wrong?

well to enable it remotely would require either a VNC/ARD connection to do it via the GUI. Since scp operates over ssh you would already have to have it enabled in the first place to do it via a remote shell.

So basically I can’t do this unnoticed?

Okay I read the inital post, but I guess I don’t fully understand what you are trying to accomplish, under what terms, and to what end.

Perhaps with better information we might be able to help you more.

Okay, my app is a remote iTunes controller. I don’t want the user to have the automatic ability to control another users iTunes. So, if the user tries to play/pause etc. iTunes on the remote computer, my app will ask the user of the remote computer, if he/she wants to allow the user to control his/hers iTunes.