Request: Script to move files out of folders to new Folder


I’m new to this and was wondering is it possible to have a text file listing a number of files and have a script that will scan a folder and it’s sub folders and move any of the files it finds on the text file to a new folder?

Thanks for any feedback.


Applescript may not be the best option here. Paste this into TextEdit

Save it as plain text

Open terminal

type "chmod +x " and then drag the file to the terminal window before hitting the enter key. This makes the file eXecutable.

Type "cd " and drag the folder you want to use as a base for your search to the terminal before hitting enter. This Changes Directory to that folder.

Drag the program to the terminal, then the input file, then the output folder in that order before hitting enter. It should move all the files with names contained in the list to the destination folder. Hope this helps!