Requesting Help in writing a simple Script/Automator

Hi all,

I need some help on a simple thing. This is for those who are familiar with apple script editor and automator.

Here is the thing:

I make about 50 calls daily. The numbers are already in an excel sheet. I use google voice from my gmail to make the calls. I copy a number for the excel sheet, paste it into call window of google voice and make a call. Then i go back and do the same thing again about 50 times. It ends up killing a lot of time and I hate doing it.

So I am thinking, is it possible to automate that and all I have to do is click End call when I am done leaving a message or speaking to someone.

Those of you who know what I am talkin about, it will probably just take 10 minutes to get this done. Can you help me out?

Model: Macbooks Pro 2010
AppleScript: 2.38
Browser: Chrome Latest
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Would anyone be kind enough to post a reply?

Hi, abdullahjib. Welcome to MacScripter.

If anyone can help you and has the time and interest to respond, they’ll probably do so. Importuning won’t make any difference.

You haven’t exactly helped yourself by giving your query a classically nondescriptive subject line, guaranteed not to catch the eye of anyone with particular expertise in scripting Excel or Google Voice. Initially too, it was posted to the wrong forum. I recommend reading this site’s Posting Guidelines, which can be accessed via the link at the top of this page.

For the most part, these fora exist to help people trying to write their own scripts, Automator actions, or Xcode applications. There’s no indication in your post that you’ve made any attempt in this regard, which may give the impression you’re only after a free hand-out. Even so, someone might write something for you out if they found the problem sufficiently interesting.

Lastly, of course, scripters tend to be cautious when asked about automating large numbers of e-mails or telephone calls in case they inadvertently help spammers or cold-callers. (I’m not suggesting you’re either of these, just pointing out the problem.)

Hope this helps.