Reserved word in InDesign


I written a script to reset the H&J parameters of selected box.

tell application “Adobe InDesign CS5.5”
tell active document
set a to properties of parent story of selection

	-- Justification
	set properties of parent story of selection to {desired word spacing:100.0, maximum word spacing:133.0, minimum word spacing:80.0, desired letter spacing:0.0, maximum letter spacing:3.0, minimum letter spacing:-3.0, desired glyph scaling:100.0, maximum glyph scaling:103.0, minimum glyph scaling:97.0, auto leading:120.0, single word justification:full}
	--- Continue with other parameters

end tell

end tell

All works good except the “single word justification:full” that use the word “full” that probably is something like reserved word.
The result is that single word justification parameter is not reset correctly.

Somebody has solution?


The correct term is fully justified.