Resolving an alias on a networked user folder environment

I recall several OS versions ago, having all kinds of scripting problems with networked users (a local computer’s user folder existing on a networked volume). Now, with 10.7, I am experiencing an error trying to simply resolve an alias with the finder. Does anyone know a way around this problem?

set pathToAlias to "" -- a path to an alias file
tell application "Finder"
set pathToOriginal to (original item of PathToAlias)

This works on 10.6

set pathToAlias to "Mac OS X:Users:Mark:Desktop:test.xlsx alias" as alias

tell application "Finder"
	set pathToOriginal to (original item of pathToAlias as alias)
end tell

Yeah, that doesn’t work on a managed, networked client… or at least not one configured the way the one I’m working on is.

consider that alias file and alias is not the same thing.

An alias in Finder (an item with the little arrow in its icon) is equal to an alias file in AppleScript.

An alias (file) specifier in AppleScript is a special way to identify items by file reference number rather than by name or path. The advantage is that an alias specifier could be moved or renamed without loosing its reference

My script is looking at an alias file in the Finder, then telling the Finder to return the original path of that alias file. It doesn’t work if the computer running the script is logged in with a user that is managed via a Mac OS X Server.