Resources for getting started with Interface Builder & Applescript?

I’ve been looking for a tutorial to help me get started with Interface Builder for Applescript / ASObjC Apps. Most of the resources I google up are years old and refer to “Applescript Studio,” and I’ve picked up the impression that a whole lot has changed since then. The “Applescript Links” section of MacScripter ( doesn’t work, and I didn’t see anything in Books/Resources.

Can anyone point me to something good for a fairly experienced Applescripter who’s never used Interface Builder to get started?



Sadly, there isn’t anything current. I stopped advertising my book on it because the demand didn’t justify the effort of updating it – Xcode changes frequently, so it’s a bit of a moving target.

There’s an old Apple video:

This is for Automator, but might give you some clues:

And there are the rather ancient release notes:

Good luck!

STEP 2 (tutorial)
STEP 3 (tutorial)

On STEPs 2,3 you find references to other nice tutorials too