Resources to Learn Excel Scripting (AppleScript)

I’ve been having issues learning Excel scripting, just not getting it. I suspect it’s the (to me) convoluted object model. I’ve tried applying what seems correct from the application dictionary, or the much-cited “Excel2004AppleScriptRef.pdf” document, but to not much avail aside from the very basics.

Things like charting especially make little or no sense to me, despite staring at canned examples (which don’t really step you through what is going on) and very helpful folks here giving me finished code that I still don’t understand.

Was wondering if there were any good groups or forums with good examples, explanations, diagrams, tutorials, etc. that are AppleScript-specific. I want to learn it, rather than lean so heavily on “here, just use this, it works!”


I think there is an article or two over at if you search the archieves.

I’m learning AppleScript for Excel much as you are.
In addition to the .pdf you already mentioned,

is the reference I call on most frequently.


I’m really into the same, I figure I will read every thing about transition from VBA as well. As I have understood, the object model under AS is pretty much a blue print of what it was under VBA.