Respond to keystrokes?

How can I make my AppleScript Studio app respond to someone typing a keystroke like command-option-J? The only class in Interface Builder that has a “keyboard down” event to connect to a script is the “File’s Owner” class, but when I write a script and connect it to that, it doesn’t seem to do anything at all - it still just beeps when I hit keystrokes, totally ignoring the handler. Thanks!

(Using OS X 10.3.4.)

Both buttons and menu items have the ability to be registered as controls that use key modifiers (cmd/shift/option, etc…). You could set up a button for instance, and set it’s key equivalent to “F” and key modifiers to cmd and option. If you don’t want the button visible you can place it off the edge of the window or hide it behind some other solid object. You could also create a menu item and set it to do the same thing as mentioned above. Apple “recommends” making all major features available in your interface available in the main menu as well, as part of it’s aqua interface guidelines.

This should be posted in the Applescript studio forum.


That’s odd - I could’ve sworn I posted it in the Studio forum.

I tried what you mention above, but it was a brief attempt and it didn’t work for some reason. I will try again.