restarting abnormally terminated application

Hi ppl.

I’m running into a little problem with a filemaker server 5.5. Nobody I talked to or wrote to knew what is the problem with it. My guess is that it makes a “time-out” because of no requests sent to it, but then again it has crashed when there were requests…

Beeing so, I’m trying to create an applescript that is activated from time to time with the cron scheduler, so that I can check if the program is running… if it detects that the program is not running, then it would activate it.

I’ve tried:

if application “ABC” is not up then
tell application “ABC” to activate
end if

but the up or down instructions don’t work. I’ve guessed them, by the way. I don’t know if they are supposed to work…


Something like this should work:

tell application "Finder"
if "ABC" is not in application processes then
tell application "ABC" to activate
end tell