Restarting into OS 9 on a different partition

Hi, I used to have an applescript that someone gave me on a forum which enabled me to restart my computer from OS X into OS 9 on a different partition rather than going through the system preferences Startup Disk panel manually. I think the applescript involved doing a shell script and blessing the OS 9 folder, but I may be wrong.

Unfortunately, I forgot to back up the script before reinstalling OS X and now a search of the forums has failed to find my orignal request. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance

B&W G3 300Mhz Mac OS 10.2.8

Give this a shot, I dont know if it will wrok.

	do shell script 
	"bless -folder9 'Volume/Main/System Folder' -setOF" password " " with administrator privileges
                      tell application "System Events" to restart
end try

Thanks, but it didn’t work. Once I’d got script to compile, running it had no visible effect! Should I be changing Main to something else? Apologies if that’s a dumb question.