Restore Run Only scripts

Hi all!
I have several scripts that I saved as Run Only for use by several users. Currently they are all working quite well. However, my dilemma is this, all of my original code was inadvertantly deleted by an over-zealous system administrator. We do back up on a 4 week rotation, but by the time I noticed the time had passed. Therefore, no back-up available.
Is there any way to recover code from a run only script? I know that they are stripped of text, but I seem to remember someone mentioning that sometimes at least partial code can be recovered.

Try searching for “run only”. This was posted 3 days ago…



In that particular thread they talk about running “strings -a”.
Exactly how is that done?

Mike, that is done from the command line (the So you would open the, which is in your Utilities Folder. You’ll need to be in the directory that the file is in. For instance, if the file is on your desktop you would need to go (cd) to that dir like so…

cd /Users/yourname/Desktop

then type…

strings -a

Hi Greggo,
Thanx for getting back to me. I did what you said and got the following:
“No such file or directory”
I know that I’m screwing it up somehow, but well, how remains the question.
I’m gonna poke around a bit more. Terminal and UNIX are pretty new to me. I’m basically a prepress guy, not a computer guy. So I’m a little slow on some things.
Is there some good information out there about how all of this works? Books, tutorials, etc.
Thang Q much,

Never mind. I GOT IT!!! Can you tell I’m a little excited?
k. I’m easy that way.
I’m not sure how much good this is gonna do, but with this and my original notes I should be able to recreate much of what was lost. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to make it better this time.
Thanx all!

I ran this

strings -a “my new script.scpt”/rsrc
and this what I got ?

I really really need this back