Restoring Outbox in Outlook 2011

Here’s what I came up with to solve the issue of not having an outbox to be able to drag messages to from the drafts folder (again, I liked the way Entourage was set up whereby I could script items to be created in the drafts folder, review them, and when ready, drag all of them to the outbox. This solution works around the fact that there is no Outbox folder in Outlook (even when the Outbox progress icon is visible when sending mail, you can’t drag and drop any emails onto it)):

This first script assumes that you have created a folder named “_Outbox” the the “On my computer” email folders list. Outlook won’t let you create a folder named “Outbox”, and naming the folder starting with an underscore puts it at the top of the folder list for easy access."

tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
–set theAccount to exchange account “nameofaccount”
–set theAccount to pop account “name of account”
–settheAccount to imap account “nameofaccount”
tell folder “_Outbox” of theAccount
set tmp to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:“This is the subject line”, content:"This is the body of the message. ", account:theAccount}
end tell
make new to recipient at tmp with properties {email address:{address:“”}}
make new cc recipient at tmp with properties {email address:{address:“”}}
make new bcc recipient at tmp with properties {email address:{address:“”}}
make new attachment at tmp with properties {file:“Macintosh HD:Users:yourname:desktop:document.pdf”} – or {file:choose file}
end tell

Modify this to suit your needs. Once you have some drafts in the _Outbox folder and are ready to send them, run this second script:

property countMessages : “”
tell application “Microsoft Outlook”
set countMessages to count mail folder “_Outbox”'s outgoing messages
tell mail folder “_Outbox”
repeat with i from 1 to countMessages
send object 1
–only need to send object 1 because evey message that is sent is deleted from this folder
end repeat
end tell
end tell

You can put this second script in the Outlook script menu (name it something like “_send_outbox” so it appears at the top of the list, and/or assign it a keyboard shortcut using the keyboard preference pane.