restrict the selectable file to certain type in an open panel

Can you restrict which kinds of files are selectable in an open panel?

For example, in a choose file dialog box I can use.
choose file of type {“Txt”, “Text”, “public.plain-text”}

Can the same be done with an open panel? I don’t see anywhere to do it in my code.
tell open panel
set can choose files to true
set can choose directories to false
set allows multiple selection to false
end tell
display open panel attached to window “main”

I tried “set can choose files of type {“Txt”, “Text”, “public.plain-text”} to true” but that didn’t work.

Thanks Jacques! I see it now in the applescript studio terminology reference. I wonder why they don’t use the uniform type identifier here?

Does anyone know how to make this work with compound file extensions?

eg: I want to limit user choice to (among others) “tar.gz” but NOT allow plain “gz”. I tried just adding “tar.gz” to the list but no dice.