restricting find script to search a particular folder

The following searches for the file “findme”. The script is used in a filemaker search script.
How would you restrict the search to a specific folder or drive? As is, the script digs up everything off every drive including stuff archived with time machine or stuff it - which is very clever but makes for a long list most of which is not current projects. Any help greatly appreciated.
Cheers Roger

--set theSEARCHitem to cell "ListFiles" (for filemaker implementation)
set theSEARCHitem to "findme"
set theSCRIPT to "mdfind " & quoted form of theSEARCHitem set theTEXT to (do shell script theSCRIPT)

set theCOUNT to count of paragraphs of the theTEXT

if theTEXT is not "" then
	set theFILEALIAS to {}
	if theCOUNT = 1 then
		set theFILEALIAS to POSIX file theTEXT
	else if theCOUNT > 1 then
		repeat with i from 1 to theCOUNT
			set aFileREF to paragraph i of theTEXT
			set theFILEal to POSIX file aFileREF
			set end of theFILEALIAS to theFILEal
		end repeat
	end if
	set theFILE to choose from list theFILEALIAS
end if
	tell application "Finder"
		open theFILE
	end tell
end try

mdfind -onlyin /to/directory

Type in a Terminal window:

Man mdfind