results from do shell script - and read file --> doesnt't like paths

Hi Everyone,

Im not sure whats going on but I’ve got an AS app which uses a little ruby script to populate a text file with data…

LABEL,path/to/file,path/to/file,LABEL,path/to/file etc etc (basically elements delimited by commas)

now, whether I get this string into AS by reading a text file, or directly into an AS variable - its missing everything except the LABEL elements.

I have tried formatting the path strings using both / and :

I know this is a little vague…

what characters have special meaning in applescript?
Does the / or the : throw a spanner in the works?

basically I need to parse all these elements into an AS list. (so I’ve cobbled together a little function to grab everything delimited by ,)

is there an easy way to directly populate a list with the values returned as a string from a ‘do shell script’ ?

thanks for any help.